Learning from Vauxhall Gardens

Learning from Vauxhall Gardens

9th Dec 2019 7pm - 8pm

at The Gardens Trust, Cowcross Street

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Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens on the south bank of the Thames entertained Londoners and visitors to London for 200 years. From 1729, under the management of Jonathan Tyers, property developer, impresario, patron of the arts, the gardens grew into an extraordinary business, a cradle of modern painting and architecture, and a music venue vital to the careers of Thomas Arne and George Frideric Handel. Christopher  explores what we can learn from Vauxhall Gardens about how we improve London’s public realm today.

Lecturer:  Christopher Woodward, Director Garden Museum

Image: Tom and Jerry and Logic making the most of an Evening at Vauxhall: 1821 Etched by I.R. and G. Cruikshank.